Bogotá: A Haunted Walk On A Rainy Day

Building El Tiempo, Bogota Colombia

To know Bogotá along with its past is very easy, because her past is always present, available to everyone who can truly appreciate it.  In its nineteenth-century houses of colonial eaves and balconies is where the neighborhood of La Candelaria hides its ghosts; ghosts that once inhabited hidden courtyards and hallways.

A Transmetro station in Bogota, Colombia
A volkswagen bettle parked on the streets of La Candelaria, Bogota

Rain bathed cobblestones, like petrified loaves of bread, reflect the clopping feet of man and beast.  A family of umbrellas held by long departed souls; their bobbing ceased by the artist’s hand.

A typical street in La Candelaria.  Colonial architecture that has been kept rather well.
La Candelaria on a rainy day.  Bogota, Colombia

“I walked the avenue, ’til my legs felt like stone, I heard the voices of friends, vanished and gone, At night I could hear the blood in my veins, It was just as black and whispering as the rain, …” – Bruce Springsteen

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